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Check out Bundaleer Rams at 'Rockford' Bothwell, Tasmania.  

Aug 2015

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Bundaleer Overview

We have been breeding Merino Rams since 1985 and cull heavily to achieve our breeding objectives. We have good combing sheep with nourishment, bright white wool with a well defined crimp and heavy cutting ability. We are focusing on improving carcass weights, eye muscle depth and we are currently working towards a bearer breached type sheep. Our sheep hold their crimp for 10 years plus don't blow out in micron.

Our emphasis is on the breeding not the feeding

Our true to type breeding comes from our strong ewe base. We keep our top ewes for as long as they have the ability to lamb. We have a percentage of ewes that are over 10 years old. One of our founding ewes actually lived for 21 years and 8 months and produced 36 lambs through a combination of natural births and embryo transfers(ET). Her progeny has given us the backbone from which we breed our sires.

Bundaleer Poll Merino Stud

Bundaleer Poll Merino Stud was registered in 2011 after breeding a number of Poll Merinos since 1990 from Pooginook bloodlines. Both ET and AI have been used to build our Poll Ewe breeders. Poll Rams will be offered at Bendigo, Hamilton and at our on property Annual Ram Sale in Sept.

Bundaleer Merino Stud

Bundaleer Merino Stud was registered in 1990 on Pooginook bloodlines. We are now breeding primarily within our own bloodline to withstand higher rainfall with whiter and more nourished wool. Bundaleer will offer Rams at Bendigo, Hamilton and at our on property Annual Ram Sale in Sept.

Bundaleer sells rams to a wide range of areas. We have sold rams to all states of Australia except Northern Territory.

Bundaleer Merino stud and Bundaleer Poll Merino Stud retains full semen marketing rights.